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for the ultimate durability ebc presents it?s ?r?-series high density series pads. the sintered copper material r-series of heavy duty...

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for the ultimate durability ebc presents it?s ?r?-series high density series pads. the sintered copper material r-series of heavy duty atv and moto-x pads have become an aftermarket standard offering high durability, high resistance to contamination by mud, water, sand and grit etc. offering reduced disc damage and long pad life. r series pads are also designed for minimum rotor abrasion and will not damage your bikes brake rotors.

material racing
model fa-r series
pads per package 2
position front
style offroad pads
type brake pad

front break applications:
arctic cat (atv) 400 dvx sport 04-08
arctic cat (atv) 400 dvx ts sport 06-07
honda-hm (italy) cre 80 98-02
honda-hm (italy) cr 85 r/r2 03-07
honda-hm (italy) crf 150 r/r2 07-09
honda cr 80 rg/rh/rj/rk/rl/rm 86-91
honda cr 80 rn/rp/rr/rs 92-95
honda cr 80 rt/rbt/rv/rbv/rw/rbw/rx/rbx/ry/rby/r1/rb1/r2/rb2 96-02
honda cre 80 98-
honda cr 85 r3/rb3/r4/rb4/r5/rb5/r6/rb6/r7/rb7 03-07
honda crf 150 r (small wheel fr 17"/ rr 14" 07-14
honda crf 150 r (big wheel fr 19"/ rr 16" 07-15
honda atc 200 xd 83
honda atc 250 rc 82
honda atc 250 rd 83-84
honda trx 250 ex1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 01-08
honda trx 250 x9/xa/xb 09-11
honda trx 300 ex p/r/s/t/v/w/x/y/1-8 93-08
honda trx 300 x9 09
honda trx 400 exx/exy/ex1-ex8 99-08
honda trx 400 x9 09
honda trx 420 fe7/fe8/fe9/fea/feb 4wd - fourtrax es 07-11
honda trx 420 fm7/fm8/fm9/fma/fmb 4wd fourtrax auto 07-11
honda trx 420 fpa9/fpaa/fpab fourtrax - auto - power steering 09-11
honda trx 420 fa9/faa/fab fourtrax auto 4wd 09-11
honda trx 420 fpm9/fpma/fpmb fourtrax - 4wd - power steering 09-11
honda trx 420 te7/te8/te9 fourtrax es - 2wd 07-09
honda trx 420 tm7/tm8/tm9/tma/tmb 07-11
honda trx 500 fac fourtrax foreman at 2/4 wd 12
honda trx 500 fec fourtrax foreman es 2/4 wd 12
honda trx 500 fmc fourtrax foreman s 2/4 wd 12
honda trx 500 fpac fourtrax foreman 2/4 wd 12
kawasaki ksf 400 a1/a2/a3/a6f (kfx 400) 03-06
suzuki lt-z 250 k4/k5/k6/k7/k8/k9/l0 quadsport 04-12
suzuki lt-z 400 k3/k4/k5/k6/k7/k8/k9/l0/l1/l2/l3 03-15
yamaha yfm 350 s/t/v/rwv/rw/rx/ry raptor 04-09
yamaha yfm 400 fwp big bear 4x4 02
yamaha yfm 600 fwak/fwal/fwam/fwan grizzly 98-01
yamaha yfm 600 hm grizzly hunting 00
yamaha yfm 660 rn/rp/rr/rs/rt raptor 01-05
yamaha yfm 660 fr/fs/ft grizzly 03-05
yamaha yfm 660 fwap/fwar/fwas/fwat/fwav/fgw/fgx grizzly 02-08

rear break applications:
husqvarna cr 125 92-94
husqvarna wr 125 93-94
husqvarna cr 250 92-94
husqvarna wr 250 92-94
husqvarna te 350 92-94
husqvarna cr 360 92-94
husqvarna wr 360 92-94
husqvarna tc 610 92-94
husqvarna te 610 92-94
t.m. 80/85 minicross/junior 96-00
honda atc 200 xd 83
honda atc 250 rd 83-84
honda trx 300 ex p/r/s/t/v/w/x/y/1-8 93-08
honda trx 300 x9 09
honda trx 400 exx/exy/ex1-ex8 99-08
honda trx 400 x9 09
kawasaki kx 80 l1/l2/n2/l3/n3/r1/t1 88-91
kawasaki kx 80 r2/t2/r3/t3/r4/t4/r5/t5/r6/t6 92-96
kawasaki kx 80 r7/w1/w2/w3 97-00
kawasaki kx 85 i - a1-a5/a6f/a7f/a8f/a9f/aaf/abf/acf/adf/cef/cff (17" front/14" rear wheel) 01-15
kawasaki kx 85 ii - b1-b5/b6f/b7f/b8f/b9f/baf/bbf/bcf/bdf/def/dff (19" front/16" rear wheel) 01-15
kawasaki kx 100 a1/a2/b1 89-91
kawasaki kx 100 b2-b6 92-96
kawasaki kx 100 b7/c1/c2/c3 97-00
kawasaki ksf 250 a1-a18 (kfx 250 mojave) 87-04
kawasaki kxt 250 b2 tecate - 3 wheel model 87
kawasaki kef 300 b1/b2/b3 lakota sport 01-03
kawasaki kfx 450 r quad (ksf 450 b8f/b9f/baf/bbf/bcs/bfd/bef) 08-14
suzuki rm 100 k3 03
suzuki rm 125 j 88
suzuki rm 250 h/j 87-88
yamaha yz 80 e/f/lwf/lwg/g/lwh/h/lwj/j/lwk/k/l/lwl/m/lwm/n/lwn 93-01
yamaha yz 85 (2t/small wheel model f 17"/r 14") 02-15
yamaha yz 85 (2t/big wheel model f 19" / r 16") 02-15
yamaha yz 125 w (2t) 89
yamaha yfs 200 r/s/t/v blaster 03-06
yamaha yfm 250 rx/ry raptor 08-09
yamaha yfm 250 r (33b) 09-11
yamaha yfm 250 r (1bt) 12-13
yamaha yz 250 w/wrw (2t) 89
yamaha yfm 350 xd/xe/xf/xg/xh/xj/xk/xl/xm/xn/xp/xr/xs (warrior) 92-04
yamaha yfm 350 fxg/fxh/fxj/fxk/fxl/fxm/fxn/fxp/fxr/fxs wolverine 95-04
yamaha yfm 350 s/t/v/rwv/rw/rx/ry raptor 04-09
yamaha yfz350 t/u/w banshee 87-89
yamaha yfz 350 a/b/d/e/f/g/h/j/k/l/m/n/p/r/s/t banshee 90-09
yamaha yfz 450 s/t/r (quad) 04-05
yamaha yfm 660 rn/rp/rr/rs/rt raptor 01-05

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Name Description
TYPE Sintered Metal
UNITS Set of 2
THICKNESS 7,8 mm (5/16")
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